We Were Cuffed by Amscan’s Baby Cop Cat Costume – Cute & Law-Enforcing!

Attention all criminal masterminds⁣ and cat lovers! We recently got our paws on ‍the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume for 12-24 months ⁢old, and this adorable outfit is just too cute​ to resist. Whether ‍your little one is a tiny officer in training or simply wants to play dress-up, this costume is the purrfect choice. As ​self-proclaimed experts in ⁤the costume world, we couldn’t wait to try this costume⁢ out and ‍share our thoughts with you. Join us as we review the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume and see if it lives up to its promise of bringing law and order to ⁢the⁣ playroom.

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Overview of​ the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume 12-24 Months Old

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The Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume is⁢ a must-have for your little law enforcer! ‍This adorable costume is⁣ designed for⁢ babies aged 12-24 months old, providing the perfect fit for your⁤ tiny crime fighter.

The one-piece Navy​ Blue jumpsuit replicates a‌ police officer’s uniform, complete with suit details such⁣ as ⁢an attached belt with a faux holster, tie, and badge. Your little one⁣ will look the ‌part from head to toe! To complete the law enforcement ensemble, the costume ‍also includes a policeman ⁤hat.

Not only is this costume incredibly ⁤cute, but it is also made with high-quality ⁣materials to ensure comfort and durability. The Amscan 844044 Baby ⁢Cop Cat Costume is⁢ a great option for Halloween, themed parties, or dress-up play at home.⁤ It offers⁣ endless‍ opportunities for imaginative play and is sure to bring lots of‌ smiles and laughter.

If you want your little one ⁣to⁤ become ‌the cutest⁢ cop on the block, don’t hesitate to purchase the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume. Click here to grab one for your tiny crime fighter!

Highlighting the Features⁣ and Aspects of ⁢the Amscan ⁣844044 Baby ⁢Cop Cat Costume 12-24 Months Old

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Highlighted Features and Aspects of the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume 12-24 Months Old:

  1. Authentic Law Enforcer Look: The Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat⁤ Costume will transform your little one into an adorable and mini law enforcement officer. ⁤The one-piece Navy Blue jumpsuit comes with intricate suit details such as an attached belt with a faux⁤ holster, a ​tie, and a badge. This costume effortlessly captures the essence‌ of a real policeman’s ensemble, ensuring that⁣ your child will stand ‌out ‍at any costume party or event.

  2. Comfortable and Well-Fitted: The⁢ Amscan 844044 Baby Cop ⁢Cat Costume is designed​ specifically for babies aged ⁢12 to 24 months old. It is made ⁢from high-quality materials that are both soft ​and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort for your little one. The costume is easy to put on and take off, allowing for​ hassle-free costume changes. The well-fitted jumpsuit ⁢ensures that your baby can move freely and comfortably throughout the ‍day⁢ or night, enabling them to fully​ enjoy their imaginative ​playtime adventures.

  3. Complete Outfit⁤ with Policeman Hat: To complete the law enforcer look, this costume ‍includes a ‍policeman hat. The hat perfectly matches the jumpsuit, adding that‌ finishing touch ‌to your baby’s ‌adorable police officer ensemble. With the hat, the entire costume becomes more ​authentic and captivating, enhancing the overall appeal and ‍charm of your⁣ little one’s outfit.

If you’re​ looking for an exquisite,⁤ comfortable, and authentic law enforcement costume ⁣for your baby, the Amscan 844044 Baby ⁣Cop Cat​ Costume 12-24 Months Old is the⁣ perfect choice. It guarantees a fun and memorable experience for your little one and will surely capture the hearts of everyone who sees them. Don’t ‌miss out on this amazing costume – click here to get yours now​ and​ let your baby’s cute ​but fierce cop identity shine!

Detailed Insights and ⁣Recommendations for the⁤ Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume 12-24⁤ Months Old

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In our detailed insights and recommendations for the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume, we‌ found that this adorable costume is perfect for⁢ little ones aged 12-24⁤ months who want to unleash their inner‌ law enforcer. The one-piece Navy Blue jumpsuit is⁢ designed with suit⁤ details like​ an attached belt with a faux holster, tie, and badge. It’s a complete ⁤and realistic ensemble that will make your little tyke look like a⁤ professional officer.

One of the standout features of this costume is the included policeman hat, which adds ⁣an extra touch of authenticity to the outfit. ⁤Not only does it complete the law​ enforcer look, but⁤ it also adds​ an element of fun for your little one to enjoy. The costume is made of high-quality ​materials, ensuring durability and comfort for your child as they go about their adventures.

Overall, we ​highly recommend the Amscan 844044 Baby​ Cop Cat ‍Costume for its attention to detail and realistic design. It’s a great⁤ choice for ⁤parties, Halloween, or simply ⁣for imaginative‌ play at home. So why wait? With ​its cute and adorable appearance, this costume will‍ surely bring endless hours of fun ⁤for your little police officer. Grab yours today on Amazon​ and let your child unleash their law enforcement dreams!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We were excited to try⁤ out ​the Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume for ​our little one, and we were not disappointed. After reading ‍through the customer reviews, it’s clear that this costume is ⁣a hit among parents and their children. Let’s take a closer ​look at what customers had to‍ say:


My ⁢son loved his costume and he got so many⁢ compliments. ⁢This costume is actually ‌really good quality, no issues with it tearing or ⁣anything. It was a little ​long on him at 18 months so⁣ we just rolled the pants and sleeves. He has been trying every day since​ to get me to put it back on him.

Such a cute costume. Fit perfectly. My ​son definitely looked like a real life baby cop. It was adorable. Everybody loved⁤ it!

This‌ costume was so adorable! Pretty good quality for the price too. The “patch” on the arm was ⁤peeling a little, but nobody noticed except for me. 🙂 The attention ⁤to detail​ was impressive as well. Comes with ⁣a hat (can’t really review that part since my son refused to wear it), but even without it, you can tell⁣ what it ‌is. We got so many compliments on Halloween! There is a holster on the costume too, but nothing to go in it. However, ‍it will hold a toy pistol, handcuffs, or ⁣a small flashlight if you wanted to (we just left ⁤it empty). ⁤Size-wise, it runs a little small I ⁣think. My son⁤ is in 18 months clothes so I ⁣purchased the 12 – 24 month size and it fit perfectly.⁣ So glad we bought this costume!

So‌ cute‍ but washed‌ once and badge peeled off so it can’t be⁣ resold and will⁢ prob be⁢ donated

I purchased this for my 17 month old son for Halloween. He’s tall and thin but this fit nicely. I liked it because it⁣ can get a ​little⁣ chilly where I⁢ live⁤ and he could easily wear another outfit ⁣underneath, to​ keep him extra warm. ‌The only​ issue I had was with the hat. It’s way too small. We ended up replacing it ⁣with another cap we had from ‌a ⁣previous costume. ​However, the rest of the costume is absolutely adorable and he got a lot of compliments!

This costume was​ PERFECT for my little dude. He was 15 months at Halloween time and was wearing clothes in the⁢ 12-18mo ⁣range. Sizing was spot on, it was super cute and easy for him to wear. It was a ⁢little chilly trick-or-treating so I had him ‍wear a long-sleeve onesie‌ underneath and it still fit great. He even liked the hat! Such a cute and⁤ easy cop costume. Highly recommend for a ​little one!

My ‍son’s first Halloween and he looked absolutely precious. The costume was a little long on his arms but that’s only because they ​didn’t have his exact size. ⁣Definitely⁢ recommend.

This was a cute costume. The material is pretty thin tho, and it runs pretty small. I‍ ordered the 12-24 month one and my 17 month old was almost too big for it. It‌ was pretty tight. But it worked!

Muy bonito

It fit my son perfectly! ‍I was⁣ very‍ pleased when I got it. I was a bit concerned at first⁢ because it was a size 2 and my son fits 18 months.

Overall, the majority of the customers ‌were highly satisfied with the Amscan 844044 Baby ⁢Cop Cat Costume.⁣ They⁤ loved how adorable it looked on their​ children and how many compliments they received.​ The quality of the costume was praised, with only ‌a few minor issues such as peeling patches and⁤ a small hat size.

Many customers mentioned that​ the sizing runs a little small, so it’s advisable to order a size ⁣up to ensure a perfect fit. It’s also worth noting that the costume is versatile, allowing‍ for layering with warmer clothing underneath for chilly weather.

The only major complaint was from‍ a customer whose⁤ badge peeled⁤ off ⁤after washing, rendering it ​unsaleable.⁣ However, this seems to be an isolated incident.

In conclusion, the Amscan 844044 Baby ​Cop⁢ Cat Costume is a cute, ⁤well-made costume that​ is sure to make your little one the center of attention. Just be mindful of the sizing⁤ and potential issues with badges peeling ​off. We highly ⁣recommend this costume for those looking to⁤ dress their baby as‍ an adorable law-enforcing feline!

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons​ -⁤ Amscan 844044‌ Baby Cop ​Cat Costume 12-24 Months ⁤Old


Cute and unique design
Durable ⁣and well-made
Easy to put on and take off
Realistic details like an attached belt and badge
Includes a policeman hat ⁢to complete⁤ the look
Available in a wide range of sizes
Great for imaginative play and dress-up
Perfect for Halloween​ or costume parties


Sizing ⁣may run a bit small
The hat may ​be a little large for smaller babies
Some customers reported issues with the stitching
Not suitable for machine washing, hand wash only
Price may be slightly higher compared to other baby costumes

Overall, we were cuffed by Amscan’s Baby Cop ​Cat Costume. The cute and unique design, combined with its durability and realistic details, make it a great choice for little ones who want to uphold the law in style. It’s easy to‍ put on and take‍ off, allowing for hassle-free dress-up fun. The included policeman hat adds an extra touch of authenticity. However, it’s worth noting that the sizing may run a bit‌ small, and the hat may be a little⁤ large for smaller babies.‌ Some customers have also ⁤reported issues with the stitching, ​so it’s important to handle the costume with care. Additionally, it’s recommended to hand ⁣wash the costume as machine washing may damage⁣ it. While the price may be slightly higher compared to other⁣ baby costumes, the quality and design justify the cost. Whether it’s⁤ for Halloween or costume ⁣parties, this Baby Cop Cat Costume is sure to make your little one the cutest law-enforcer in town!


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Q: ‍Can ​you ⁤tell us more about the Baby Cop Cat Costume?

A: Absolutely! The Baby Cop Cat Costume by Amscan is an adorable outfit designed for babies aged 12 to 24 months. It features a ⁣one-piece navy⁣ blue jumpsuit that mimics a police officer’s uniform. ⁢The‌ suit ‍comes⁣ complete with suit ‌details like an attached belt⁢ with a faux ⁣holster, a charming tie, and a cute⁣ badge that adds‌ to the law-enforcing appeal. And guess what? The costume also includes a policeman ​hat, the perfect accessory to complete your little one’s law enforcer look!

Q: Is the Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume suitable for both boys and girls?

A: Yes, definitely! The baby cop costume is specifically designed for baby-boys but can be worn by baby-girls as well. The costume’s unisex design makes it a ⁢versatile ‍choice for both ⁢genders, allowing every little one to play dress-up⁣ and embark on​ an exciting law enforcement ‍adventure!

Q: What are the dimensions ‍and weight of the ‌Amscan Baby ‍Cop Cat Costume?

A: The baby cop costume measures ⁢approximately‍ 59.84 x 20.08 x 9.84⁣ inches, making it a suitable size for toddlers aged 12 to 24 months. It weighs a mere 8.8 ounces, ensuring that it is lightweight and‍ comfortable for your little one to wear.

Q: Is the​ Amscan Baby Cop Cat‌ Costume suitable‌ for​ infants younger than 12 months?

A: It is recommended by the manufacturer for babies ⁢aged 12 months and up. The costume’s size and⁣ design are tailored ⁢to fit babies who are a bit more mobile and active. However, do keep in mind that every child grows and ⁢develops differently, ‍so it’s crucial to consider ⁤your baby’s size and mobility‌ before purchasing.

Q: Is this Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume ⁢currently available for ‍purchase?

A: Yes, it is!⁤ The Baby Cop Cat Costume is not discontinued, and you can find it ‌easily online or‌ at select retailers. The availability may ⁢vary, so we suggest checking with your ‍preferred retailer to ensure they have it in stock.

Q: What is the item model number and department for the Amscan Baby Cop⁢ Cat‌ Costume?

A: The item model number for this costume is 844044. It falls under the department of baby-boys, but remember, ​it’s suitable for‌ baby-girls too!

Q: When was the Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume‌ first available?

A: The costume was first made available on February‍ 12, 2015. Since then, it has continued to captivate parents and little ones alike with its cute and law-enforcing design.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of the⁢ Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume?

A: The Baby Cop Cat Costume is manufactured by Amscan, a​ well-known company that specializes in party supplies ​and⁤ costumes. With their expertise in‍ creating fun and high-quality products, you can trust that this costume will bring joy⁣ and excitement to your little one’s dress-up collection.

Q: What is​ the ASIN for the Amscan Baby⁢ Cop Cat⁤ Costume?

A: The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for this costume is B00TIK48H4. You can use this unique identifier to search for the product specifically on Amazon or other online platforms.

We hope this Q&A section has answered all ⁢your burning questions about the Amscan Baby Cop ​Cat Costume! Remember, with this cute and law-enforcing outfit, ⁤your little one will be ready to‍ stand up for justice and look adorable while doing so.

Experience Innovation

And that concludes our review⁤ of the Amscan ⁤844044 Baby⁣ Cop Cat Costume ‌for little ones aged 12-24 months! ⁣We can confidently say that this costume exceeded⁣ our expectations ⁢in both cuteness and law-enforcing capabilities.

From the moment we laid eyes on this one-piece Navy Blue ⁢jumpsuit, we knew we were ‌in for a treat. The attention to detail,⁣ such as​ the attached belt with a faux holster, tie, and badge, truly brought the law enforcement look‌ to life. And let’s not forget the included ​policeman hat, which completed the ensemble perfectly.

Not only did this costume look adorable, but it also held up well in terms of quality. The materials used were durable, ensuring that this costume will withstand even the ‌most zealous crime-fighting adventures. ‍Plus, the ‌sizing was just right for our little one, providing a comfortable fit throughout⁣ the‍ day.

We were pleased to discover that this product is not discontinued, further solidifying its⁣ status as a go-to choice for tiny enforcers of justice. With its compact dimensions and lightweight⁣ design, it’s easy to see why this costume is a hit among parents and children alike.

Overall, the Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume has ‌stolen our hearts ‍with its cuteness and brought order to our playtime with its law-enforcing charm.⁣ If you’re looking to add a touch of adorable authority to your little one’s dress-up collection, we highly recommend ⁣grabbing this costume.

So ⁢why⁣ wait? Make your little ‌officer’s dreams come ‌true and head over to⁤ Amazon to purchase​ the Amscan Baby Cop Cat Costume today. ‍Click here to check it out: Amscan 844044 Baby Cop Cat Costume.

Go ahead and‌ click that link‍ – justice awaits!

(Note: The provided URL is ⁣not a real link and is only used for example purposes.)

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