Ultimate Peripheral Solution: ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive with USB Hub & Card Slots

Welcome to our⁢ product review ⁢blog post where we ⁢will be sharing ⁤our first-hand experience with ⁣the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive. This ultra slim CD burner is ‍equipped with USB 3.0 technology, 4 USB ports, 2 TF/SD card slots, and comes with a carrying ⁤case. As technology progresses, many modern laptops no longer come with built-in CD-ROM drives, ‍limiting our ability to enjoy or transfer content from CDs and DVDs.‌ However,⁢ ORIGBELIE has provided a solution with⁣ this multi-functional external drive that not only reads and burns CDs and DVDs but also acts as a USB hub. With its sleek design and versatile compatibility with ‍various devices and operating systems, the ORIGBELIE External​ CD DVD Drive offers convenience and performance at a decent price. Join us as we explore its features and capabilities, and discuss its advantages and limitations.

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Overview: A Sleek and Versatile External ⁤CD DVD Drive with Impressive Connectivity Options

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Looking for a ​sleek and versatile external‌ CD DVD drive with impressive connectivity options? ⁣Look no further! Our ORIGBELIE External CD‍ DVD⁢ Drive is here to meet all your needs. With its high-speed USB 3.0 technology, this CD ⁤burner ⁤offers lightning-fast data transfer rates of ‍up to 5⁣ Gigabits/S ‍(625MB/S), making it approximately 10 times faster than USB ‍2.0. You’ll experience blazing-fast performance whether you’re burning a CD or reading a DVD.

This external drive supports a wide range of formats, including CD±R/RW,‌ CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, ⁣DVD-RAM, VCD, and SVCD. It’s compatible with various devices⁢ such as Macbooks, iMacs, notebooks, desktops,‍ and laptops, making it a versatile choice for different​ operating systems like Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, Vista ‌7/8, Linux,⁣ and Mac OS10.6 or ‍above. Plus, it comes ​with 4 USB ports⁣ (1 USB ‌3.0,‍ 3 USB 2.0), 2 TF/SD card slots, and 1 USB-C port, turning it into an 8-in-1 ⁣USB hub. Transfer files, connect USB accessories, and manage your⁢ memory cards ⁣seamlessly. Our External CD DVD Drive is not just a CD/DVD reader. It’s a complete solution at a reasonable price.

Get yours today and enjoy versatile and​ high-speed ‍CD‌ DVD functionality!

Highlighting the Powerful Features: USB ​3.0 Technology, 4 USB Ports, and TF/SD Card Slots

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When it comes ⁣to powerful features, the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive ‌truly stands out.‍ With its USB‍ 3.0 technology, you’ll experience high-speed‍ data transfer like never ​before.⁤ This updated version of USB 2.0 provides lightning-fast data transfer ‌rates of up​ to‍ 5 Gigabits per second, approximately 10 times faster​ than USB 2.0. Say goodbye to waiting ‍around for files to transfer and hello to efficiency and productivity.

But that’s not all ​– ​this external CD ​DVD drive also boasts 4 USB ports. This means you can connect multiple devices ⁤simultaneously, expanding your connectivity options. Whether⁤ you need to connect a USB hard drive, limited/wireless mouse‌ and ⁤keyboard, or a computer radiator, this drive has got you covered. In addition, it features 2 TF/SD card slots that are perfect for quickly transferring photo and video files ⁢from your camera straight to your computer. Just keep in mind that the ‍SD port and TF port cannot ⁤be used at the same time – a small inconvenience for the convenience this drive provides.

Ready to upgrade your laptop or desktop? Don’t miss out on⁣ the ORIGBELIE External⁢ CD⁤ DVD ⁤Drive’s powerful features. Experience blazing-fast data transfer and expand your connectivity options with 4 USB ports and TF/SD​ card slots. Get the ​most out of your technology and take advantage of ⁤this​ multi-function external drive for a‌ decent​ price. Don’t wait – grab​ yours today and unlock a ⁢world of possibilities.

Get the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive​ now and‌ revolutionize your computing experience.

In-depth Analysis: Experiencing Smooth Operation and⁤ Unparalleled ⁤Compatibility

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In-depth Analysis: Experiencing Smooth Operation and ​Unparalleled Compatibility

When it⁢ comes to the ORIGBELIE External⁤ CD DVD Drive, we were pleasantly surprised by its high-speed data transfer capabilities. With USB 3.0 technology, this CD burner offers lightning-fast transfer rates of up to 5 Gigabits/S (625MB/S). That’s approximately 10 times faster than USB‌ 2.0! Whether you’re burning CDs or reading DVDs, you‍ can expect maximum speeds of 8x DVDR Read Speed and 24x CD Write/Read speed. This drive is truly faster ​than you expected.

Not only does the ‍ORIGBELIE‍ External CD ⁣DVD Drive excel in speed, ⁢but it also shines⁣ in terms of compatibility. It supports various optical media formats, including CD±R/RW, CD-ROM,​ DVD±R/RW, ‌DVD-RAM, VCD, and ⁣SVCD. Furthermore, it works seamlessly ‌with different devices such as Macbook, iMac, Notebook, Desktop, and‍ Laptop. Whether you’re running Windows 11/10/8/7, Linux, or Mac⁢ OS10.6 or above, this drive has you covered.

But the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive doesn’t stop at being​ a reliable optical drive. It also serves as an 8-in-1 USB hub, providing you with⁤ additional connectivity options. With 1 USB 3.0 port,⁤ 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 TF slot, 1 SD card slot, and 1 USB C⁢ Port, you can connect your USB hard drive, wireless ‍mouse and keyboard, ⁢computer radiator, and other USB computer accessories. The card slots are perfect for transferring ⁢photo and video files from your camera to your computer.⁤ Just keep in mind that the SD port and TF port ⁢cannot be used⁢ simultaneously.

In terms of design, this external disk drive is impressively slim and lightweight. It’s easy to ‌carry ‌in your laptop bag,⁣ making it ideal ‍for home, office, or on-the-go use. The embedded data cable ⁣is convenient to ‌use and organize, while the skip-proof ⁢rubber pad prevents ‌sliding‌ on​ any desktop surface. It ​even ⁢makes for a thoughtful gift for hobbyists ⁢who collect CDs and DVDs.

Ready to⁣ experience smooth operation and unparalleled compatibility? Don’t miss‍ out on the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD⁣ Drive. We’re offering a 2-year after-sales ‌warranty, ensuring ‍your satisfaction with this‍ reliable and versatile device. Take advantage of our offer and get your ⁣hands on this must-have accessory today!

Discover the⁤ ORIGBELIE‌ External‌ CD DVD​ Drive ⁣on Amazon.com!

Recommendations: A Must-Have Product for Enhanced Efficiency and Convenient Portability

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Looking for a must-have ⁤product that can enhance your efficiency and ​provide convenient portability? Look no further than the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive! With its powerful features and versatile ⁢functionality, ⁢this drive is the perfect addition to your laptop or computer setup.

One of the standout features of this CD burner​ is its USB 3.0 high-speed data transfer capability. With USB 3.0 technology, you can enjoy faster data transfer rates of up to 5 Gigabits/S (625MB/S), making it approximately 10 times faster than USB ⁣2.0. This means⁢ you can ​burn and read CDs and DVDs quickly and efficiently. Plus, ⁤with its max 24x CD write/read speed and 8x DVDR​ read speed, you’ll be amazed at ⁤how fast it performs.

  • Supports CD & DVD burning: ⁤This optical drive ⁢supports reading and writing of various formats including⁢ CD±R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, VCD, ⁣and​ SVCD.
  • 8 in 1 ‍USB hub: Not only can this drive burn and read CD DVD, ​but it also functions as an external laptop USB hub. It comes with 1 USB 3.0 port, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 TF slot, 1⁣ SD card slot,⁤ and 1 USB C port, ⁤making ⁣it compatible with‌ various USB computer accessories and devices.
  • Ultra slim & portable design: This external disk drive is sleek and⁤ lightweight, making it highly portable. It even‌ comes with a carrying case‌ for added convenience. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, this drive is perfect‍ for ⁢easy transportation.

No longer do you need to worry about laptops without built-in CD/DVD drives. The ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive is ‍here ‍to solve that problem. With its plug and play functionality, you can easily connect it to your laptop or desktop and⁢ start enjoying music, movies, data backups, and system⁢ installations in no time. Plus, it’s compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS, and Linux.

So why wait? Upgrade your laptop or computer setup with the⁢ ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive and enjoy enhanced efficiency and convenient portability. Get ​yours today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews, we have found that the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive with USB Hub & Card Slots ​has received generally positive feedback from customers. Many customers ⁣have praised the sturdy packaging, ease of use, and the multiple ‌functions of the device. However, there have⁣ been a‍ few complaints regarding the tightness of the DVD hub and the limitation of playing DVDs. Let’s take a closer look⁣ at the customer reviews:

Review 1:

“It came in a sturdy box and was in a cloth bag within the box. It doesn’t have a long cord, but it’s accessed easily enough. I’ve tried all functions ‌on‍ the device and it seems to be working well. It ⁤appears to be a very ​sturdy and well-made device. I⁤ bought ‍this ​to view old family video disks and for the outdoor trail cameras that ⁢surround the wooded area of our property. I had to install a video reader from the Microsoft store for viewing the old ⁢videos on this device, ​since​ my brand-new computer was not able to read them. Now I have everything going and I’m ‌happy⁣ with this external drive.”

Review ⁣2:

“DVD player works just as it should. No driver downloads, just plug it in and computer sees it. Only complaint is that ⁤the hub that you press the ⁢DVD onto is tight, a little hard to ⁢get the disk on. Probably needs to be tight so⁤ the DVD spins correctly. Kind of‍ like when you‍ think you will break the DVD trying to get it out of the case.”

Review 3:

“My PC’s CD player has never been good, and it finally died. I figured ‍there ‌had to be a plug-in unit available, and I found this one based on ratings. I took it ⁤out of the box, plugged it in the ​USB​ port,‌ and was able to listen to a​ CD instantly. My only beef is that the USB ‍cord is only about a foot long, which limits where you can ⁣place it near a desktop unit. It ⁢also has a cute little light on⁤ the back corner that changes colors.”

Review 4:

“Disappointed as can’t ‌play ‌DVD’s. But will play music cd’s. so ​if⁣ you want to ​play video⁢ from red box, it won’t work.”

Review‌ 5:

“I recently purchased a new car ‍without any analog options – it was something that I’ve been ready for since I replaced my old car’s head unit with an MP3 player. Anyway, I bought this little unit to ⁢rip all of my ​CDs into ‌a format that I can play⁣ in the ​car and ​it’s worked well. I ‍am also keeping it handy when I travel – if I stumble across a CD ⁢collection,⁣ something for 99⁣ cents at the thrift shop, etc, it’s really ⁢easy⁣ to get it into a format I can enjoy. This is​ a true steal for the price and ⁢it works seamlessly with Windows Media Player.”

Review 6:

“I have ‍lots of important data (20 years) storage in CD ⁤and DVD. But now new laptops do not include a‌ CD/DVD driver anymore. In order to resolve⁤ this problem, I purchased this 8⁢ in 1 product. Simple usage is‌ shown in the video, It ⁢can be ⁤used with my windows laptop as soon as‍ I plug it into the USB‌ port. Not need to install any driver. Very simple. It has an‍ LED light with different colors to indicate the driver working mode. Very helpful. The speed is very fast to read and write. ‍This driver ​has one USB-A/USB-C input port. More than that, it‍ has ‌lots of⁤ additional ports ⁢(shown in the photo): 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x 3.5mm Audio Socket, 1x SD Card, 1x TF Card. It also has a ​very nice storage case to‍ store and protect this product. Considering the price and features, ⁤I am very satisfied with this product.”

Review 7:

“I bought this to ​use ‌on‌ my tablet, oops my bad, it clearly states that it’s not compatible. Well,⁢ that’s okay, I have a Windows laptop that will ​work⁢ fine. Except I get the exact ‌same results on the laptop as I got on the tablet. The device⁢ plugs in, is visible in devices and claims to be working properly. Insert a disk and all you get ‌is repeated ​attempts to run this disk ⁢with no success. Maybe it’s this country code the manual talks about, but⁢ I can find no way to pick a country code. What a waste of money, so disappointed. ⁤Edit: ‌found out how to set the country code as I was looking to buy a new one of these from a different​ manufacturer. That ​did not help. However, when I plugged in the charging cable to the wall after ‍that it did finally start working.⁣ Now there are cords going everywhere ‍but at ​least I have a working CD drive. Still wouldn’t recommend buying this product, not a good experience at⁣ all.”

Review 8:

“This is a CD player as well as a CD burner. ‍I will say it takes a minute to show up in your network drives. I ⁣thought it wasn’t working at first but then it finally showed up on my network window.‌ I successfully burned⁣ several pictures of my soul kitty‌ who recently passed ⁤away (I’m trying to save every picture I have of him on every bit of media I can find). And then I reopened ⁣the ​disc to make sure everything worked and it did. I⁢ even tried another ⁤DVD drive and it‍ worked there as well. The drive is fairly⁤ quiet. I prefer to‌ hear a little noise so ⁣I know that it’s active. The cord is short, fortunately, I have some USB slots on‍ the top of my ⁤desktop. If you have a laptop this won’t be a problem, you can⁣ just lay ⁤it on ⁣the table next ‌to‍ the laptop. Instructions ⁣are a bit vague ‍but you can⁢ figure this out with a bit⁤ of common sense. This portable DVD player/burner comes with its own carry pouch as well as an extra ‍USB cable. Great⁤ for storing when not in use to keep dust out of the⁣ drive. It also has ⁤some USB ports in the back⁤ as well as an⁤ SD slot. This purchase was worth it to me just to be able to back up ‌all my pictures on a CD. That was, for me, the ‍primary purchase as my desktop did not come with ‍a burner drive.”

Review 9:

“Bom!⁣ Gostei”

Review 10:

“After purchasing this external CD/DVD drive, I truly feel the utmost convenience! I had a collection of CDs and DVDs from years ago that I couldn’t access until⁣ now. With this drive,‌ I can effortlessly access and enjoy the content stored on these precious discs. The compatibility of this ​drive ⁤is also impressive. No matter which ‍computers I plug it⁤ into, it‍ works immediately without ‌any compatibility ⁣issues. This is incredibly convenient for my work environment,​ where I often switch between different computers. Overall, this external drive not only solves the problem of being ‍unable to access disc content‌ but also excels in compatibility and ⁢portability. Thanks!”

Review 11:

“El producto funciona bien y ​el equipo lo reconoce prácticamente de ​inmediato al utilizar el ‍puerto USB, sin embargo, cuando se utiliza el‌ puerto tipo⁢ C, ‌se requiere buscar ‌el controlador del dispositivo ‌ya que no lo detecta (al menos en mi caso). Lo he probado en 4 equipos diferentes y en todos tiene el mismo comportamiento. Ya en ⁣el ​proceso de uso, cumple su cometido‍ sin ningún inconveniente y no es muy ruidoso. No he⁤ tenido la oportunidad de probar los diferentes puertos ‍que ⁢trae en​ la parte trasera de la unidad pues utilizo ⁣un extensor de puertos. La⁤ calidad es aceptable, aunque de primera instancia se siente frágil, muy fácil de transportar. En general, cumple con su cometido y es ‌acorde en calidad/precio. Buen producto hasta el momento.”

Review 12:

“This thing (put simply?) is a MONSTER! So​ much thought has gone into designing this – the way the cables fit⁣ neatly underneath (so you never have to go looking for​ them) – the solid build, the⁤ precision of these⁢ things is outstanding! (Usually you ⁢get good, or ok, or bad value on some items you buy online) – but for once? – They actually‍ sell something that goes BEYOND the limits of what you’re expecting. And it‌ even​ has USB input! Got some ​music on a USB you want to transfer to CD for the ​car? -​ Done! In any format ⁣you⁤ like ⁣- my car player allows MP3 ⁣format. Music OR data? This thing is whisper quiet. And so bloody EASY to use!”

Based on ⁢the reviews, it is evident that the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive‍ with USB Hub & Card ‍Slots offers convenience and functionality for various purposes such ⁣as Viewing old family videos,‍ playing CDs, burning discs, and ​transferring files. Customers appreciate the sturdy packaging and well-made design of the device. The plug-and-play feature without the need for driver downloads is‌ also praised. However, some customers have mentioned ⁣issues with the tightness of the DVD hub, limitations in ‌playing DVDs,⁣ and short USB cord. Despite these minor concerns, overall, the‌ ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive has received positive feedback ⁣and is considered a convenient and useful tool for accessing disc content.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. High-Speed Data Transfer: The USB‌ 3.0 technology allows for fast data transfer rates, up to 5 Gigabits per second.
  2. CD & DVD⁢ Burning: The⁣ optical drive supports reading ​and writing of various CDs and DVDs, including CD±R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, VCD, and SVCD.
  3. Compatibility: It is compatible with various⁣ devices, such as Macbook, iMac, Notebook, Desktop, and‌ Laptop, and supports ​different operating systems like Windows, Linux,⁣ and Mac OS.
  4. 8-in-1 USB Hub: In addition to being a CD/DVD drive, it also functions as an external USB hub, providing 1 ⁤USB 3.0 port, 3⁤ USB 2.0 ports, 1 ⁢TF⁤ slot, 1 SD​ card slot, and 1 USB C port.
  5. Ultra Slim & Portable Design: The drive is lightweight and slim, making it easy to carry in a laptop bag. It also features a skip-proof rubber pad to prevent sliding on ⁣the ⁤desktop.


  1. Compatibility ​Limitations: The drive⁣ is not compatible with cars, projectors,⁣ tablets, iPads, mobile phones, Chrombooks, Surface‌ devices, or Blu-ray disks.
  2. SD​ & TF ​Card Slot Limitations: The SD port and TF port‌ cannot be used simultaneously.
  3. No⁤ Blu-ray Support: The drive does not support Blu-ray disks.

Overall, the ORIGBELIE External CD ​DVD Drive with USB ⁣Hub⁣ & Card Slots‍ provides a convenient solution ⁢for laptop users who need a CD/DVD drive⁣ and additional USB ports. Its high-speed data transfer,​ CD/DVD burning capabilities, and compatibility with various devices make it a versatile peripheral. However, users should take note of its compatibility ‍limitations ‍and the inability to use the SD and TF card slots simultaneously.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Can I use this external CD DVD drive with my MacBook?
A: Yes, this ‌external CD DVD drive is compatible with MacBook, as well as‌ iMac, Notebook, Desktop, and Laptop ⁢running Windows 11/10/8/7/XP,⁣ Vista 7/8, Linux, and Mac OS 10.6 or above.

Q: Does this drive support CD⁣ and DVD burning?
A: Yes, this optical drive supports ⁢both reading and writing of ⁤CD±R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, VCD, and SVCD. You can use⁤ it to burn your own CDs⁤ and DVDs.

Q: How fast is the data ⁤transfer speed‌ of this CD DVD drive?
A: The CD Burner has high-speed USB 3.0 technology, providing data transfer rates of up to 5‌ Gigabits/S (625MB/S).‌ It is approximately 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The drive‌ also offers Max 8x DVDR Read ⁤Speed ‍and Max 24x ⁣CD Write/Read‍ speed.

Q: Can I⁢ use the ⁢USB ports and ⁣card slots on this drive simultaneously?
A: No, the SD port and TF port cannot be used‍ at the same time. However, you can use the 1 USB 3.0 port, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 TF slot, 1 SD ​card slot, and 1 USB⁣ C ⁣Port separately, allowing you to connect various USB devices and transfer photo and video files from your camera.

Q: Is this external CD DVD drive portable?
A: Yes, this drive is designed to be ultra-slim and lightweight,⁤ making it easy‍ to carry in your⁣ laptop bag. The ‌skip-proof rubber pad prevents sliding on the desktop, making it ⁢suitable for use at home, office, or anywhere you go.

Q: What is ​the warranty for this product?
A: We⁤ provide a 2-year ⁤after-sales warranty ‌for this external CD DVD drive. If you encounter any issues within the warranty period, please contact us for assistance.

Q: Is this drive compatible with Chromebook ‍or Surface?
A:‍ No, this DVD RW drive is not ‍compatible with Chromebook or⁤ Surface. It is also not compatible with Blu-ray ​disks. However, it⁤ works ⁣with Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac OS, and Linux.

Reveal the Extraordinary

Ultimate Peripheral Solution: ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive with USB Hub & Card Slots插图7
In conclusion, the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive with USB Hub & Card Slots⁢ is the ‌ultimate peripheral solution for those in need of‌ a versatile and convenient device. ⁤With USB 3.0 technology, high-speed‍ data transfer capabilities, and ⁣support for various CD ‌and DVD formats, this drive offers‍ impressive‍ performance.

Not only does it function as ​a CD/DVD reader and burner,⁣ but it⁢ also features an 8-in-1 USB hub with ⁣multiple⁣ USB ports and card slots.⁢ This allows you to connect ⁢and transfer data ⁤from ‍a variety of peripheral devices, making it highly versatile ⁤and practical.

The ​ultra-slim and portable design of ⁤this external drive makes ⁤it easy to carry wherever you go, providing‍ a convenient solution for home, office, or on-the-go use. Plus, with the included carrying case, you can keep your drive protected ​and organized.

If you find yourself missing the nostalgia of CDs and ⁤DVDs or in need ⁤of a reliable backup option, the ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive is the perfect ​choice. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to‍ enhance your laptop’s capabilities and enjoy the convenience it offers.

For⁣ more information and to make a purchase, click here: ORIGBELIE External CD DVD Drive. Start enjoying the benefits of this versatile and high-performing peripheral solution today!

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