Ultimate Guide: Pfister Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

Welcome‌ to our review‍ of the‌ Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet with‍ Pull Down ⁢Sprayer and Soap Dispenser, Single Handle, High Arc, ‌Spot Defense Stainless Steel ‍Finish, F529EMCGS.

When⁢ it comes to ‌kitchen ⁤faucets, we know‌ how important‌ it is to find a balance between style, functionality, and durability. The Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet effortlessly⁣ combines ⁢all of these qualities in one sleek design.

From the elegant forward ​handle design⁢ to the advanced spray head docking ⁣system, this faucet is not only ergonomic but also easy‍ to⁤ use. The high arc spout provides added clearance‌ and reach, while the Spot⁤ Defense finish ensures​ that ⁢the faucet looks cleaner for longer.

One⁢ of our favorite features of ⁢this faucet is the SoloTilt soap dispenser, which allows you‌ to dispense‍ soap with just the flick of your thumb. This hands-free operation is not only convenient but ‍also hygienic.

With​ Pforever Seal ⁢advanced ceramic ⁣disc⁣ valve technology,​ you can trust that this faucet will never leak. ‍Installation is a⁤ breeze‌ thanks to the TiteSeal mounting technology​ and⁢ Pfast Connect ‍system.

Overall, ‍the Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Pull‌ Down ​Sprayer is a stylish, functional, and reliable addition to any kitchen.​ Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ​current faucet or starting a remodel‍ from scratch, this faucet ⁤is sure to impress. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of‌ each feature⁣ and our final thoughts⁣ on this innovative⁣ kitchen faucet.

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We were ⁤pleasantly surprised by‌ the⁢ impressive features and functionality of the Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet. ⁤This faucet not ​only enhances the aesthetics of our kitchen ⁣with its spot defense stainless steel finish, but it also offers advanced‌ spray head ⁤docking⁢ technology with MagnePfit ‌for secure ⁣storage. The high arc spout provides added clearance and reach, while the ⁢SoloTilt‍ soap dispenser makes dishwashing a breeze.

Additionally, we love the touchless feature of this ⁣faucet,‌ which ⁢allows ​us to turn the water on and ⁢off with a simple​ motion. The Pforever Seal ceramic disc​ valve technology ensures no leaks, while the TiteSeal mounting technology simplifies installation without the‍ need for putty. With Pfister’s ​Limited Lifetime Warranty‌ backing the product, ​we feel confident in its quality and longevity. Overall, the Pfister Masey Touchless⁢ Kitchen Faucet⁣ has exceeded our ⁣expectations and‌ we‌ highly recommend it for anyone looking to⁢ upgrade their kitchen sink. Don’t miss‌ out, check it out‌ on‌ Amazon today!

Impressive ⁢Features and Design

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The Pfister Masey Touchless ‌Kitchen Faucet truly⁤ stands out‍ with‌ its impressive features and ⁢sleek design. From ⁣the ‌elegant⁣ forward handle design ​to ‌the high arc spout,⁤ every detail has ⁣been ‍carefully ⁣crafted to ‍provide both‌ functionality and style. The‍ advanced​ spray head docking system, using⁣ powerful magnetic technology, ensures that the spray⁢ head is securely in place and aligned correctly every time. This makes it easy⁣ to use and convenient⁢ for various tasks in the kitchen.

Another standout feature​ of this kitchen faucet is the Spot Defense finish, which helps to ‌prevent‌ the buildup of‌ fingerprints, smudges, and water spots, keeping your faucet looking cleaner for longer.‍ The‍ Solotilt soap dispenser is a thoughtful addition, allowing you ‍to dispense soap with ease, ⁢even when your hands are ⁤full. With‌ no leaks and easy installation thanks to the Pfast Connect⁤ system, this faucet is a great ⁣choice for anyone looking to upgrade⁤ their kitchen. If⁣ you’re ‍ready ‍to experience the convenience and elegance of the Pfister ⁣Masey ‌Touchless Kitchen⁤ Faucet, click here to get yours today! Order Now.

Detailed Insights and Usage Recommendations

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The Pfister ‍Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet⁤ with Pull Down Sprayer⁢ and Soap Dispenser is an elegant and⁤ functional addition‍ to any kitchen. ⁣The advanced spray head docking, ⁢featuring ‍MagnePfit technology, ensures that your spray head ​is securely ⁤in place at all times. The high arc spout provides added clearance and reach, ‌allowing ⁣for greater ⁢versatility ‍when washing ​delicate items or cleaning the sink. The Spot Defense finish helps prevent fingerprints, smudges, and water spots, keeping your faucet looking cleaner for longer. Additionally, the SoloTilt soap dispenser makes dispensing soap a breeze, ‌even⁢ when your⁤ hands‌ are full. With Pforever Seal technology, ⁣leaks are a thing of‌ the past, and the TiteSeal mounting technology simplifies installation without the need ⁢for putty or silicone.

In conclusion, the Pfister Masey‍ Touchless Kitchen Faucet is not only a stylish addition to your kitchen but also a practical one. With features like React Technology for touchless usage and a water-efficient design that meets or exceeds CALGreen criteria, this faucet‌ is a‌ smart choice for any home. Plus,‌ with Pfister’s Limited Lifetime‍ Warranty, you can trust in the quality and durability of this product for years to ​come. Upgrade your kitchen with the Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen ⁢Faucet today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We⁤ have gathered ​some ⁣customer​ reviews on ​the Pfister ⁣Masey Touchless Kitchen Faucet, ‌and here are some⁣ of the key points:

Positive‍ Feedback

Review Rating
Everything⁣ was perfect

…I installed it into granite without the base ⁤plate and plumbed it in⁤ to the water ⁤supply. The motion sensor⁢ works unbelievably great. Never​ again do I need⁣ to touch the faucet with⁤ dirty hands ⁤to turn ⁢it on…

5 stars
I’ve had ⁤the faucet⁤ for 6 months now⁤ and ⁣I absolutely​ love it!

Love, love, love my ‍new faucet.

Negative ‍Feedback

Review Rating
I did a lot ⁣of research and chose this faucet because it had⁣ good ratings, and the features we‍ wanted.⁢ Unfortunately ‍it was not a⁣ good buy… when ‍you turn ‌it on by hand water comes shooting out hard. There’s no way⁢ to ⁤adjust it… 2 stars

Overall, the​ Pfister Masey Touchless Kitchen‌ Faucet seems to have⁤ a good installation process, excellent sensor performance according to ⁢some‍ users, and some complaints regarding the water flow pressure​ and touch feature functionality.‍ Each experience ⁢may vary‌ based‌ on ‍individual needs and ‌preferences.

Pros⁣ & Cons

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Pros‌ & Cons


  • Touchless technology for convenience and hygiene
  • High arc ​spout for added clearance and reach
  • Spot Defense finish for a cleaner look
  • Soap dispenser with SoloTilt‌ pump head
  • No ⁢leaks with Pforever Seal technology
  • Water-efficient ⁤design to conserve water
  • Limited Lifetime ‍Warranty for peace of mind


  • Batteries ‌required for touchless function
  • Advanced features ⁤may lead to⁤ a higher price point
  • Some ‌users may prefer a ⁢traditional faucet design


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Q: ‌How ‌easy is the installation process for the Pfister Masey Touchless ​Kitchen⁤ Faucet?
A: Thanks to the Pfast Connect feature, installation is a⁤ breeze. It ​reduces installation time​ and guarantees a⁢ secure connection ​to water supply lines, so ‌no need to worry about‌ leaks.

Q: Does ⁢the ​Spot Defense finish really‌ work in preventing fingerprints⁤ and water spots?
A: Absolutely! The Spot Defense⁤ finish provides extra protection and helps the faucet stay cleaner longer than other finishes. It’s a ⁣game-changer ‌for those who want to‌ spend less ⁤time cleaning‍ and wiping down their faucet.

Q: Can⁣ you⁣ tell me more ‍about the ‍touchless feature of the faucet?
A: The React Technology allows you to​ turn the⁣ water⁢ on or ⁣off‌ by simply guiding ⁣your hand or an ⁢object within 3 inches in front of ‍the ‌motion sensor. Plus, the SmartStop technology automatically shuts off ‌the faucet after 3 minutes ⁢of inactivity‌ to help save water.

Q: ‌Is the soap ‌dispenser convenient to ⁢use?
A: The SoloTilt soap dispenser‍ features⁢ a forward tilting pump ‌head⁣ that makes ⁣it easy to dispense soap with just the flick of your thumb. ⁤It’s perfect​ for those moments when you ⁣have your ​hands‍ full with dishes and​ other tasks.

Q: How durable is the Pfister Masey‌ Touchless Kitchen Faucet?
A: With the⁣ Pforever ​Seal advanced ceramic disc valve technology, you can trust that this faucet will‍ never leak. Plus, it comes with‌ a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so ⁣you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s backed by Pfister’s quality guarantee.

Reveal the Extraordinary

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As ⁣we conclude our ultimate guide to ⁤the Pfister Masey Touchless ‌Kitchen ⁣Faucet, we are confident ⁤in recommending​ this sleek and innovative addition to your home. With​ advanced features like Touchless Technology,‌ SoloTilt Soap ⁤Dispenser, and Spot Defense Finish,⁢ the Masey faucet combines ⁣style and functionality effortlessly. Say goodbye to leaks and hello‍ to water efficiency⁢ with Pfister’s trusted quality and​ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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