Revlon Kiss Balm: Hydrate, Nourish, and Shine with Tropical Coconut Flavor

Revlon ‍Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip Balm, Face Makeup with Lasting Hydration, SPF 20,‌ Infused with Natural Fruit Oils,​ 010 Tropical Coconut, 0.09 Oz

Welcome ⁤to‌ our product review of the‍ Revlon Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip Balm! We’ve⁢ had the pleasure of trying out this⁣ nourishing lip balm firsthand and we’re excited to share our thoughts with⁤ you. As lovers of ⁤all things beauty, we’re constantly⁢ on‌ the lookout for products that deliver on their promises. And let us tell you, this lip balm does not disappoint.

Infused with ‌natural fruit ​oils,⁣ this lip balm provides instant hydration, leaving your ⁢lips feeling⁤ softer and smoother than ever before. The nourishing formula ‍glides⁢ on effortlessly, ⁤delivering⁤ a sheer, juicy​ color that adds a beautiful touch ⁣to your everyday look. We particularly fell in love with ‍the shade “010 Tropical Coconut,” which adds a subtle, pretty‌ tint ⁢to our lips.

One of the standout ‍features of this ‍lip balm is its SPF 20 protection. Not only does it keep your lips moisturized, but⁤ it‌ also ⁤shields them from harmful UV rays, making it an essential product for daily use. With 5 fresh fruit flavors to choose from, including Berry Burst, Fresh Strawberry, Juicy Peach, Sweet Cherry, and Tropical Coconut, you can⁤ switch up⁣ your ⁣lip balm flavor to match your mood.

Revlon is a trusted brand in the beauty industry, known for their high-quality products that‌ never ⁣disappoint. We’re no strangers​ to their innovative formulas and iconic colors, and this lip ⁢balm lives up ‍to their reputation. With over 8 hours ‍of⁣ moisture and a long-lasting formula, you can feel confident ⁢that your⁢ lips will stay hydrated throughout the day.

So why not⁣ live boldly with Revlon makeup and discover the wonders of the Revlon Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted ​Lip Balm? ⁤Don’t let dry, chapped​ lips hold you back from feeling ​your⁤ best. With this‍ lip balm in your beauty arsenal, you can confidently step out⁢ with​ soft, smooth, and kissable ​lips. Stay tuned for our in-depth​ review where we’ll delve into the details of⁤ this amazing product.

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Overview of the Revlon Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip Balm

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The⁤ Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip Balm is a must-have for anyone ⁤looking to achieve instantly softer, smoother, and kissable lips.⁣ This lip balm is infused with natural fruit oils, delivering⁣ a nourishing ‍formula​ that provides ultra-hydrating lip care.⁢ Not only does it hydrate your‍ lips, ‌but it also offers a sheer, juicy color that glides on smoothly.

One of the⁣ best features of this ⁣lip⁤ balm is⁣ the SPF‍ 20 protection it provides, shielding your lips from ⁢harmful UV rays. With 5 fresh fruit flavors‍ to​ choose from, you can indulge in the ⁤tropical sensation of the 010 Tropical Coconut flavor or try out the other delicious options. The lasting hydration⁢ it offers keeps your lips⁣ moisturized throughout the day, and​ the⁣ beautiful, smooth shine⁤ adds a touch of glamour to your look.

Revlon is ‍a trusted‍ brand in ⁢the beauty industry, known for its wide range of high-quality ⁢cosmetics. Their⁢ products are ⁣sold all over the ⁤world, making them a global leader. The Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip⁤ Balm is no exception, as it revitalizes your lips with its⁣ iconic colors⁤ and breakthrough technology.

With the Revlon Kiss Tinted ⁢Lip Balm, you ‌can live boldly by creating any look you desire. Whether you’re going for a ‌natural daytime look​ or a bold evening look, this‌ lip balm is the perfect companion. So why wait? Try‍ the Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip Balm today⁢ and experience the hydration and stunning color ‌it‍ has to offer. ⁤Click here to ⁢get yours⁢ now and enhance your‍ lip care routine.

Highlighting the ⁢Hydration and SPF Features of the Revlon Lip Balm

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When it⁤ comes to ⁢lip care, hydration ‍and sun protection⁣ are two ⁢essential⁣ factors to consider. The Revlon Lip Balm,​ Kiss Tinted Lip Balm, is a game-changer in ‍this department. With its nourishing formula infused with natural fruit oils, this lip balm delivers⁣ instant softness and smoothness to⁤ your‍ lips.

One ⁣of the standout⁢ features ⁤of this lip ⁤balm ‌is its long-lasting ‍hydration. Whether you’re battling dry, chapped lips or just in need of a ​moisture boost, this balm has got⁣ your back. It⁣ keeps your lips hydrated for up to 8 hours, thanks to its ultra-hydrating formula. No ⁣more⁤ constantly ⁣reapplying lip balm throughout the day!

But that’s not all—this lip‌ balm ⁣also⁣ offers SPF 20 protection. We all ⁤know ⁤the ‍importance ‌of protecting our lips from the sun’s harmful rays, and this balm has‍ got⁣ you covered. The broad-spectrum SPF 20 shields your lips from UVA and UVB rays, ensuring that your lips stay safe ⁤and healthy.

With its sheer and juicy lip color, this lip balm adds a subtle, ⁣pretty tint to ‍your lips. Each crayon balm comes in five shimmery‌ shades, allowing you to⁣ choose the perfect color for your look. And, ‍of⁢ course, they all have delicious flavors such as Berry Burst, Fresh ⁣Strawberry, Juicy ‍Peach, Sweet Cherry, and Tropical Coconut.

When it comes to⁤ makeup, Revlon is a trusted brand known for its high-quality products. With their ⁢longwear⁢ eyeshadows, eyeliners, and matte or shiny lipsticks, ​you can⁤ create any look you⁣ desire. ​So, why ⁤not ‍live boldly with Revlon ⁢makeup and enhance your ⁤beauty?

If you’re⁢ looking for a ‍lip balm that ⁢provides lasting hydration, sheer ⁤and ⁢juicy lip color, and SPF protection, then ⁢the Revlon Lip Balm is the perfect choice for you. Click here to get yours⁢ now and experience the difference for yourself!

Insights into the Revlon Lip‌ Balm’s Natural Fruit Oils and Tropical Coconut Infusion

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When it ⁣comes ​to finding the perfect ⁣lip balm, it’s all about finding a product that not only hydrates your lips but also adds a touch of color and‍ flavor.‌ That’s where⁤ the Revlon Kiss Balm comes‍ in. This lip balm is infused‍ with natural​ fruit​ oils, delivering ultra-hydration ⁣to your​ lips while providing ‍a sheer, juicy color that glides on ​smoothly.

One⁢ of the standout features of this lip balm is its tropical ⁢coconut ‌infusion. The refreshing scent and taste of coconut instantly ⁣transport you ​to a tropical paradise, making each application a mini vacation for your lips. The tropical coconut flavor⁣ is just⁣ one of the five delicious flavors available, so you can switch⁢ it⁢ up depending on your mood or craving for the ‌day.

Not only does the Revlon Kiss Balm provide lasting hydration and​ a beautiful, smooth ⁢shine, but it ⁢also offers SPF 20⁣ protection. ⁣This means that your⁤ lips are shielded from harmful UV rays⁤ while staying ⁣moisturized throughout the day. No need to worry about ⁤dry, cracked lips when you have‍ this‌ lip ⁤balm in your beauty arsenal.

It’s also worth mentioning⁤ that Revlon is a‌ global leader in cosmetics, known for its iconic‍ nail and lip colors. ‌With their breakthrough ⁣technologies and high-quality products, it’s no wonder they have become a ‍household name‍ in​ the beauty industry. So, if you’re looking to live boldly ⁢and express yourself through makeup, Revlon has you​ covered.

In conclusion, the Revlon Lip Balm with its natural fruit oils and tropical coconut infusion is a must-have for anyone seeking soft, smooth,​ and kissable lips. With its ultra-hydrating formula, SPF 20 protection, and sheer, juicy color, this lip balm is a versatile addition to your beauty routine. Get ready to nourish your ⁤lips and make a bold‍ statement⁤ with Revlon.⁢ Order yours now on Amazon and experience the benefits for yourself.

Recommendations for the⁢ Revlon Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip​ Balm in Shade 010 Tropical Coconut

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When​ it ‍comes to lip care, we are always on the lookout for⁤ products that deliver softness, ‍hydration,‍ and a touch of color. The Revlon ​Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip⁢ Balm in Shade 010⁤ Tropical Coconut does just​ that and more. Here’s why​ we recommend this must-have lip ⁣balm:

  1. Lasting Hydration: This lip balm drenches your lips⁣ with moisture for up to 8 hours, keeping‍ them soft and supple ​throughout the day. No ⁤more dry,​ chapped ‌lips!

  2. SPF 20 Protection: We love that this lip​ balm ‍offers broad-spectrum‍ SPF 20⁤ protection. It’s crucial to shield​ our​ lips from harmful UV rays, and this product has got ​us covered.

  3. Sheer, Juicy⁤ Color: The‍ Shade ​010 Tropical⁣ Coconut provides a subtle, pretty tint to ​your lips. It adds a natural flush of color without being overpowering.

  4. Infused with Natural Fruit Oils: ‍The nourishing formula is enriched with natural fruit‍ oils, providing extra hydration and giving your‍ lips a healthy, radiant look.

  5. Five ‍Delicious Flavors: If you’re a fan of fruity ​flavors, you’ll love the options available with this lip balm. ⁤Choose‍ from Berry Burst, Fresh Strawberry,⁣ Juicy Peach, Sweet ‌Cherry, and of course,​ the tropical delight⁤ of Coconut.

With all ⁤these fantastic features, it’s no wonder we recommend the ​Revlon Lip Balm, Kiss Tinted Lip Balm in Shade 010 Tropical Coconut.⁢ Say ‍goodbye to dry, dull lips and hello to soft, hydrated, ‍kissable lips. Don’t ⁣miss out on this must-have lip balm; get ⁤yours today!

Click here ⁢to buy now!

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing several customer reviews,⁤ we have gathered valuable insights about ⁤the Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip Balm in the Tropical Coconut flavor. Here are the key ‌points that stood‌ out:

Review Summary

⁤ ⁤I’m not always‍ a cherry fan but this is pretty good. It’s not as artificial as ​the standard ChapStick flavor. It’s a great tint on my lips, I’m pretty⁤ pale so it pops quite a bit. It’s smoothing⁢ and moisturizing.⁤ I’m going to buy it in another‍ color tonight in fact!‌ Cheap and not bad at all.

Positive feedback on ⁣the flavor,⁤ tint, and moisturizing properties. ‍Will purchase⁢ again.

⁤ ​ ⁢ This is one of my favorites that I keep buying. I ‍use it up so fast.⁢ The flavor and scent is so peachy ‍and it’s so smooth. This is⁣ always ‌sold⁤ out in the stores and it was on​ here for ‌a long time as well, so right when⁣ it came in stock ⁢I bought it so ​fast!

Highly praised for its peachy flavor, smoothness, and popularity. Frequently sold out.

Nice and ​cool pink color. Easy to carry in pocket or bag. This​ lip balm helps in reducing the darkness of the lips and gives smooth​ lips for every use. It’s effective. I‍ love ​this and this is 3rd​ time I’m buying this lip balm.

Appreciation for the color, ⁢portability, and its effectiveness in reducing ⁢lip darkness. ‍Repeat purchase.

​ ⁤ The​ colors are really ⁢light and more like ⁣a tinted‌ lip balm. I keep one in my⁤ car and another on my work desk. ‌They are good for throwing on⁢ a little lip tint when running ‌errands or need to get on a video call.

Positive comments⁢ on the light colors and convenience for daily use. ⁣Multiple locations ‌for easy⁢ access.

I⁣ absolutely LOVE this lip balm! Like I‌ said, it’s so light and smooth, stays on my lips and isn’t sticky. Just perfect. I have ​it coming in ‌a subscription! Every 2 months. I have‌ one at work, one ​at home n one in the‍ car.

Highly⁣ praised for its ⁢lightweight, non-sticky formula.⁤ Subscription purchase and multiple locations for accessibility.

‌ Love the way it feels on and just a nice tint of color!

Positive ‍feedback on​ the texture and subtle color tint.

‍ ‌I had ‌very different expectations⁤ reading the reviews. Since it’s lip balm ⁤it’s supposed to⁢ keep lips hydrated and moisturized but‍ some reason my lips feel even more dryer. ‌Overall⁤ it looks good, smells good.

Mixed​ review regarding hydration. ‍Disappointed with its moisturizing effect despite positive appearance and scent.

​ ‌ I love this lip tint. It seems‍ that it is​ discontinued, so ‌I was very happy to be able to order it. It‌ feels nice on ‌your ⁢lips and the color is ‌great.

Positive⁤ feedback​ on the discontinued lip tint availability, pleasant texture, ⁤and great color.

Textura suave y me⁤ encanta que tiene color,‌ su aroma y textura⁤ son lo mejor.

Positive comment on the smooth texture and appreciation for ‍its color and ​aroma. (Translation: “Smooth texture, and I love that it has color, its aroma and ⁤texture are the best.”)

⁤ Lovely⁢ fragrance!⁤ Lovely feel! My lips feel kissed ⁤every ‌moment when‌ this lip ​balm‍ is on!

Positive feedback⁣ on the fragrance and comforting sensation when applied. (No⁤ additional information provided.)

⁢ I’ve tried a few different ​types of lip⁣ balms, as I have very sensitive skin. This⁢ lip ⁤balm is very ⁤moisturizing‍ and reduces ​the drying out of my lips; it also includes SPF 20, which ⁤is great for outdoors. It does not have a chemical‍ taste like some other lip balms‌ with SPF. ⁢Very happy with this purchase.

Positive ⁢feedback ​on its moisturizing properties, effectiveness in preventing dryness, and SPF 20‍ inclusion. No chemical ​taste. Satisfactory purchase for ‌someone with sensitive skin.

Me gusta su hidratacion y ​pigmentacion.

Positive comment on the hydration and ‍pigmentation. (Translation: “I like its hydration and ​pigmentation.”)

⁣It was good good and acting like a tint and good color.

Positive feedback on⁣ the tint effect and color. (No additional information provided.)

Overall, the Revlon Kiss Tinted Lip Balm in Tropical Coconut‌ flavor has⁤ received mostly positive reviews. Customers appreciate its pleasant flavors, smooth texture, and tinted color. It is often regarded as a go-to lip balm for daily use, with some customers even purchasing multiple⁢ units for⁣ different ⁣locations.

While most customers find the lip balm moisturizing and effective in ⁢reducing lip darkness, there are a few mixed⁢ opinions regarding its hydration properties. However, the inclusion ‌of ⁤SPF 20 and its lack of‍ chemical taste make it an attractive option for individuals with sensitive‍ skin.

The availability of certain flavors and‍ the popularity‍ of⁤ this product among customers indicate its desirability. Overall, the Revlon Kiss Tinted ⁤Lip Balm in Tropical Coconut flavor seems to deliver a satisfying experience to ‌its users, combining hydration,⁢ nourishment, and​ a touch of color.

Pros & ⁣Cons

Revlon Kiss Balm: Hydrate, Nourish, and Shine with Tropical Coconut Flavor插图5

Pros & Cons


  1. The Revlon Kiss Balm provides‍ instant hydration, leaving lips softer ‌and smoother.
  2. Infused with ‍natural fruit oils, this lip balm nourishes and​ replenishes the lips.
  3. With‌ SPF 20 ⁤protection, it helps shield the lips from harmful ‌UV rays.
  4. The sheer and ​juicy‌ color adds a subtle, pretty ⁤tint to the lips.
  5. Available‍ in five shimmery shades and delicious flavors, ‍including Tropical Coconut.
  6. The ⁣lip balm has a long-lasting⁤ moisturizing ​effect, providing up‍ to 8 hours of hydration.
  7. Revlon is a well-known and trusted brand ‍in the cosmetics industry.


  • The⁢ color may not be very⁤ vibrant or ‌long-lasting.
  • Some users may find the taste of⁤ the⁢ Tropical Coconut flavor to‍ be⁤ too strong or artificial.
  • The packaging of the product may⁣ be‍ prone to breakage or leakage.

Overall Assessment

The Revlon Kiss Balm is a great⁤ option​ for⁣ those looking to hydrate, nourish, and​ add a‍ subtle tint ⁢to their ⁤lips. With its natural fruit oil‌ infusion and ⁣SPF 20‌ protection, it delivers long-lasting moisture and protection.⁢ However, keep in mind⁢ that the color may not ‍be as vibrant or long-lasting​ as some other lip products, and the⁢ taste of⁢ the Tropical Coconut flavor may not appeal to everyone. Overall,⁢ it⁢ is a reliable lip balm from a reputable brand.


Revlon Kiss Balm: Hydrate, Nourish, and Shine with Tropical Coconut Flavor插图6
Q&A‌ Section:

Q: Is the Revlon Kiss‍ Balm suitable for everyday use?
A: Absolutely! The Revlon Kiss Balm is perfect for everyday use.‌ Its nourishing ⁤formula provides long-lasting hydration, making your lips softer and smoother throughout⁣ the day.

Q: Does⁤ the⁣ Kiss Balm have any SPF protection?
A:​ Yes, the Revlon Kiss Balm has SPF 20 ⁤protection. This means‍ it not​ only hydrates ⁣the‌ lips but also shields them ⁣from harmful⁣ UV rays.

Q: How ⁢long does the moisture last?
A: ​The Revlon⁣ Kiss Balm delivers long-lasting moisture for up to 8 hours. You can apply it in the morning and enjoy hydrated lips ​throughout the day.

Q: Are‌ there any other flavors available besides Tropical Coconut?
A:⁤ Yes! ⁣The ‌Revlon‌ Kiss Balm is available in five ⁢delicious ‍flavors. You can choose from Berry Burst, Fresh Strawberry, Juicy Peach, Sweet Cherry,⁤ and the ⁢refreshing Tropical Coconut.

Q: Can I wear this lip balm ⁤alone or under lipstick?
A: Absolutely! The Revlon ⁣Kiss Balm can be worn ‍alone for a subtle, sheer lip color and a beautiful​ shine.⁣ You can also ​layer it under your​ favorite lipstick to add hydration and‍ prolong the wear.

Q: Is the lip color sheer or​ opaque?
A: The ‍lip color of the Revlon⁣ Kiss Balm is sheer, providing a natural⁤ and subtle tint to ​your lips. It gives a⁤ juicy and fresh look without being overly opaque.

Q: Can I find other⁤ Revlon products with similar quality?
A: Yes, Revlon is known ‌for its high-quality and bold makeup products. You can explore their wide range of cosmetics, including eyeshadows,​ eyeliners, and matte or shiny lipsticks, to create any ‍look you desire.

Q: Does this lip⁢ balm have ‍a fruity scent?
A: Yes, the Revlon ⁤Kiss Balm‌ has a ​delightful fruity ​flavor. The Tropical Coconut⁤ variant offers a tropical and refreshing scent that adds ‌a fun element to ⁤your ⁢lip care ‌routine.

Q: Is the Revlon Kiss Balm tested on animals?
A: Revlon is committed ‌to cruelty-free⁤ practices ⁢and does not test their products on animals. You can enjoy using the ​Kiss Balm with the assurance⁣ that it is ethically produced.

Q: Where⁢ can I purchase the Revlon Kiss Balm?
A: The Revlon Kiss Balm is available for purchase in ‌various beauty ‌stores, drugstores, and online marketplaces. ‌You​ can ⁣find it easily both in physical stores and online platforms.

Seize the Opportunity

Revlon Kiss Balm: Hydrate, Nourish, and Shine with Tropical Coconut Flavor插图7
In⁣ conclusion, the ⁤Revlon Kiss Balm is ‌a must-have​ product for⁣ anyone looking to achieve softer, smoother, and more kissable ‌lips. With its ultra-hydrating formula ‌infused with ‌natural fruit oils, this ​lip balm provides instant moisture and nourishment. Not only does ‌it keep your lips hydrated throughout the day, but it also offers SPF 20 protection ⁤to shield your ⁤lips from harmful UV rays.

What makes the Revlon Kiss Balm even more ‍irresistible is its sheer and juicy lip color. With‍ a subtle, ⁢pretty tint,‍ this‌ lip balm adds a touch of natural-looking color to your lips. Plus, each crayon balm comes in a delicious flavor palette, including Berry Burst, Fresh Strawberry,​ Juicy Peach, Sweet Cherry, and the tropical delight of Coconut.

As a global leader in cosmetics, Revlon has once again delivered a product that combines ⁣quality and​ innovation. Their commitment to revolutionizing the beauty industry is‍ evident in⁤ their iconic nail and lip colors, as well as their breakthrough technologies like ColorStay ‌transfer-resistant lipstick‍ and ‍makeup.

Experience the ultimate hydration and shine with the Revlon Kiss Balm. Don’t miss ⁣the chance⁤ to enhance your natural beauty and make‍ a ‍bold​ statement with Revlon‍ makeup. ⁤From ⁢longwear eyeshadows to high-pigment lipsticks, Revlon has everything you‍ need to express your ‌unique style.

To get your hands on​ the Revlon Kiss Balm,⁤ click here [Clickable HTML link: Revlon Kiss Balm] and⁤ discover the magic of hydrated, ​nourished, and shiny lips.

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