KOHLER Stillness Faucet: A Stylish Addition to Your Kitchen

Welcome to our​ review‍ of the⁤ KOHLER K-6665-AG-VS Wellspring ⁤Beverage ⁣Faucet! If⁢ you’re⁤ a fan of⁣ sleek and⁣ modern design, then you’re in for a ‍treat ​with this ‌cold⁣ water tap. With its vibrant​ stainless finish and contemporary ⁤styling, this faucet is ​sure to⁢ add⁣ a touch of elegance to any⁢ kitchen. ⁣But looks aren’t everything – this faucet is also ​functional, with⁢ a right-side lever handle, 360-degree rotating​ spout, and clearance for filling glasses and ⁢pitchers. And the best part? It works seamlessly with Kohler Filtration Systems, ensuring that​ you have access ⁢to clean and refreshing water whenever you need ⁣it. ​Join us as⁢ we dive into the details of​ this impressive product and see ⁤why ‍it​ might be the perfect ⁣addition to your kitchen.

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When it comes to ⁤upgrading ‌your kitchen‌ with a sleek and ‌functional beverage faucet, the KOHLER Wellspring model is a top choice. With its right-side ‍lever⁢ handle ⁢design, this faucet not only‍ looks⁢ stylish but is also easy to operate. The 8-5/8-in spout height and 4-15/16-in spout reach provide ample space for filling glasses and pitchers, ⁤making it convenient for ‍everyday use.

The contemporary styling of the KOHLER Wellspring faucet adds a modern touch‌ to any kitchen decor. The 360-degree rotating faucet spout ⁣offers flexibility and clearance​ for all your beverage needs. Plus, this⁣ faucet is ⁢compatible with Kohler filtration systems, ensuring ⁣that you have‌ access to clean and fresh⁢ cold⁢ water whenever you‍ need it.

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Distinct Features and Benefits

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When it comes to , the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet truly stands out. The right-side lever handle provides easy access to cold water with‌ a simple touch, making it convenient for⁢ quick refreshments. With‍ a⁤ spout height of 8-5/8⁣ inches and⁢ spout reach of 4-15/16 inches, this faucet ⁤offers⁣ ample ‍space ‌for filling glasses and pitchers with ease.

The contemporary styling⁣ of this beverage faucet adds a modern touch to any ​kitchen or ⁢bar area. The faucet spout rotates‍ a⁢ full 360 degrees, allowing for maximum flexibility and clearance when filling up ‍your favorite drinks. Compatible with​ Kohler Filtration Systems, this faucet‍ ensures that you’re getting clean⁢ and filtered water every ‌time you use it. Experience the convenience and style of the KOHLER Wellspring ⁣Beverage Faucet for yourself by clicking here.

In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

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When it comes ‍to the ⁣ KOHLER K-6665-AG-VS Wellspring Beverage Faucet, our⁣ in-depth analysis reveals a quality product that delivers on both style and​ functionality. ⁢The right-side lever handle not only adds ​a modern‍ touch but also enhances user experience, making‌ it easy to control the flow of water.

The faucet’s 8-5/8-in spout height and 4-15/16-in‌ spout reach are ⁤ideal for filling glasses and‍ pitchers⁢ with ease. Additionally, the 360-degree‍ rotation of the ‌faucet⁤ spout provides added convenience, allowing for flexible⁤ use in various​ kitchen settings. Overall, we recommend the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage⁣ Faucet ⁣for its contemporary ⁤styling and practical​ features.

Handle ⁣Position: Right-side lever
Spout‍ Height: 8-5/8 inches
Spout Reach: 4-15/16 inches

Customer ⁤Reviews⁤ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ gathering feedback from customers who have purchased the KOHLER K-6665-AG-VS⁤ Wellspring​ Beverage Faucet, ‍Cold Water Tap, we ‍have compiled a list⁢ of ​the most common ‍comments. Here is a breakdown​ of the reviews:

Positive Reviews: Negative Reviews:
Bought this to‌ match our Kohler faucet – it ​has a solid⁣ feel, the little spigot works really well, flow is great. Would ⁤buy again. Product was mis-assembled and water still flowed when off. I had to partially disassemble ⁤and reassemble ⁤to fix it. The faucet seems fine now‍ but ⁣initial ⁣quality problem was frustrating
Matched my⁤ other faucets perfectly. I love the look and quality of this to faucet, but the water does not come out⁢ in a steady stream like our previous ⁣one did. It’s wider and messier.
No problems on‌ installation and ‌unit is‍ attractive ​and ‍smooth to operate Needed ‌a second Fossett for filtered cold ‌water. I didn’t want identical faucet because ⁣I knew​ every single person ⁢would ‌ask Which faucet. So this was the​ best alternative. I ⁣wish it were⁣ a tiny bit taller because ‌if pans are in the sink,‍ it’s a little ⁤awkward to reach.
Good‌ quality Moen faucet. Needed it for a client and it came fast.

Overall, customers seem to be generally satisfied ​with the⁢ KOHLER K-6665-AG-VS Wellspring Beverage⁣ Faucet, Cold Water Tap. The positive reviews highlight its solid feel, great flow, ‍easy installation, and attractive design. However, some customers experienced issues⁢ with mis-assembly and the water flow⁤ not being as steady⁢ as expected. If you are looking for a ⁢stylish addition to‍ your​ kitchen, this faucet may be worth⁤ considering.

Pros & ⁣Cons

Pros & Cons


Stylish contemporary design
High spout height and reach for easy use
360 degree rotation for convenience
Works with Kohler Filtration Systems


Cold water only, ‌no hot water option
May require additional installation for filtration system


Q: ⁢Can ‍this ⁤beverage faucet be used‍ with other filtration systems besides ⁢Kohler’s?

A:⁣ While the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet ⁢is ⁢designed⁢ to work specifically ⁤with Kohler filtration systems, it may be​ compatible with⁤ other systems. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your filtration system to‌ ensure compatibility.

Q: Is installation of this faucet difficult?

A: Installation of the​ KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet is straightforward and should ⁤not be too challenging for those with basic plumbing knowledge. However,⁤ if‌ you are ​unsure, we recommend hiring a professional plumber to ensure proper ⁢installation.

Q: Can ‍this faucet be used for hot water⁢ as well?

A: No, the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet is specifically designed ‍for cold water ‌only. If​ you are looking for a faucet ⁤that dispenses hot water as well, we recommend exploring other options from⁤ Kohler’s faucet line.

Q: ‍Is the vibrant stainless finish of this faucet durable and resistant to ⁤tarnishing?

A: Yes, the vibrant stainless finish of the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet is designed to be both durable and resistant to tarnishing. With ‌proper care⁤ and maintenance, the finish should ​retain its shine for years to come.

Q: Does this faucet come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the KOHLER Wellspring Beverage Faucet comes with a limited lifetime ‍warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy⁣ its functionality and ⁢style​ for years to come. If ⁤you encounter any issues with⁢ the‍ faucet, you ‍can reach out ⁢to Kohler’s customer service for assistance.

Embody Excellence

As‍ we wrap up‌ our​ review of the KOHLER Stillness Faucet, we can confidently say ⁢that ⁣this beverage ​faucet is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. With its sleek design ⁢and convenient features, ⁢such as the⁢ right-side lever handle and 360-degree rotating spout, ⁣it is sure to make⁤ your ⁢kitchen tasks easier ⁤and more​ enjoyable.

If you’re ‍looking to upgrade your kitchen with a high-quality beverage faucet‍ that works seamlessly with Kohler filtration ⁢systems, then the ‌KOHLER⁣ K-6665-AG-VS Wellspring Beverage Faucet in Vibrant Stainless is the perfect choice‍ for‍ you. Don’t​ miss out on this sleek and modern addition​ to your home!

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