Effortlessly Organize with Abgream File Folders & Pens Set

As we gear⁣ up for another busy school and work season, it’s essential to have the ⁢right tools to keep us organized​ and prepared for‌ whatever comes our way. That’s why we⁢ were excited to try out the Abgream‌ 7 Pack File Folder – ‌Expandable Poly Envelopes with 7 Black ⁤Gel ⁢Ink Pens.⁣ This ⁤set not ⁤only offers a variety of colors to‍ brighten⁤ up⁢ your office supplies, but also provides durable and practical solutions ‌for storing and organizing your​ important documents. From‍ its‍ premium polypropylene material to​ its convenient⁤ button⁣ closure⁣ design, this file folder set is⁢ a ⁤must-have for anyone looking to streamline their workspace. Join us ‍as we dive ⁢into our experience with this versatile and stylish product.

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Our Abgream​ 7 Pack File Folder is a must-have for anyone looking to stay organized in style. The premium polypropylene material ensures durability⁤ and⁢ recyclability while being ‍tear and water-resistant. Say goodbye to flimsy folders‌ that fall‍ apart easily – ⁣these envelopes are built​ to⁣ last! The practical ​design with assorted colors allows for easy content ⁤visibility and ⁣quick identification of documents without the need to open each envelope. The​ button closure adds convenience‌ and security, keeping your files safe ⁤and secure at all times.

With ‍its large capacity, our file folders can hold B4 paper with ‌ease, providing ⁣ample storage ‍space for all your office supplies and documents. The sleek and functional design makes‍ it perfect for school, ⁢office, or‌ home use. Stay organized on the go by quickly organizing coupons, tickets, magazines,‍ paperwork, ‍photos, bills, ⁢and more. Plus, with‌ each pack, you’ll receive ⁤7 black gel ink ​pens ⁤to‌ complete​ your office supplies collection. ⁣Upgrade your filing system today with ⁤our Abgream ​file folders – order now on Amazon!

Features and⁢ Highlights

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With its premium material made from super thick polypropylene, these poly envelopes ​are ‍not only durable and ⁤water-resistant, but also environmentally friendly and recyclable. This ensures that ⁣your important documents are stored safely ⁤and securely for the ​long term. The ‌practical design of these expandable file folders allows​ for easy ‍organization and visibility of contents without​ the need to open each envelope. ‍The ‍button closure⁣ feature adds ⁣an extra ⁣layer of security, giving you peace of mind knowing your files are safe from⁢ getting lost.

The large ⁤capacity of these file folders sets them apart ​from standard A4 paper folders, as they can easily accommodate B4 paper‌ and hold up to 1000 sheets of paper each. This‍ wider storage area, ​combined ​with the sleek design and assorted‌ colors, makes these ⁤envelopes ​a​ versatile ‌and fashionable choice for organizing various office supplies ‌and documents. Whether you’re using them for ‌school, office, or home ⁣purposes, these expandable poly envelopes are ⁢the perfect solution for⁢ keeping ‍your paperwork, tickets, ​bills,⁢ craft projects, ⁢and more neatly organized and⁣ easily ⁤accessible. Don’t miss out on this stylish⁢ and practical set – ⁣grab yours today! Check it out here!

Detailed Insights and​ Recommendations

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After thoroughly examining⁢ the Abgream 7 Pack File Folder, we have some ‍to share. The premium ⁣material used in these ‌poly⁤ envelopes makes them not only⁢ durable ⁤and tear-resistant but also environmentally friendly. The practical design, including see-through ⁢sleek⁤ document folders with assorted colors and label pockets, makes ​it easy to find‍ your documents​ without the need to open each envelope. The button closure adds a⁤ level of security, ensuring ⁢that your ⁤contents are safe and ‌organized.

With ⁣a ⁢larger capacity than standard A4 paper, these file folders can comfortably hold B4‌ paper, offering a wider storage area⁣ for all your office supplies and important⁢ documents. They are versatile for multifunctional use, making them ​perfect for school, office, bank, meeting‌ room, ‍or ​home use. Organize coupons, tickets, magazines, paperwork, photos, bills, receipts, craft projects, and more with ease. Do yourself‌ a favor and upgrade your organization ⁤game ⁤with the Abgream 7 Pack File ‌Folder – you⁣ won’t regret⁢ it. Check ‍it out here.

Customer​ Reviews Analysis

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Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

After going through numerous customer⁤ reviews,​ we have gathered some key insights into the Abgream‌ File Folders & Pens Set:

Customer Feedback
Customer⁣ 1 Seriously good⁢ folders. High quality textured plastic to obscure what’s inside, holds a lot,⁢ and great for‌ organizing.
Customer 2 Perfect for organizing loose ⁢photographs, sturdy snap, and ⁢nicely made.
Customer 3 Good⁣ quality, keeps⁤ things organized, different colors are​ helpful, and⁤ durable even after a small crack.
Customer 4 Great organizer for paperwork, easy access, ⁣and useful for home ‍remodeling⁢ projects.
Customer 5 Expands easily, durable, clear for easy visibility, great ‌for organizing ⁤documents, and value for money.
Customer 6 Assorted colors, roomy,‍ perfect for‍ tax documents, durable, and great quality.

Overall, customers have been extremely satisfied with the Abgream File Folders ⁣& ‌Pens⁢ Set.​ The sturdiness, expandability, variety of colors, and ease of organization ​have ⁢been⁤ some of the standout features according to the reviews. While there‌ were a few instances⁢ of minor cracks,⁤ the folders remained functional and useful. The‍ accompanying gel pens were also appreciated as a handy addition to the set.

If you are​ someone who values organization and‌ needs a⁣ reliable‌ solution for storing ⁢various documents and paperwork, the Abgream File Folders & Pens ‍Set could be the perfect fit for you.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Durable and recyclable polypropylene material
  • Tear and water resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Spacious design‍ with larger B4 paper size
  • See-through ⁢sleek ⁢document folder for easy organization
  • Button‍ closure for secure ⁢contents
  • Label pockets for sorting⁣ files
  • Comes with ⁢7 black gel ​ink pens
  • Assorted colors for⁢ easy categorization
  • Portable and multi-functional for ⁤various uses


  • May not‍ fit in​ smaller bags due to 14.37 x ‍11.02 x 3.5inch size
  • May not accommodate very‍ thick documents
  • Colors ⁣of gel ink pens may vary
  • Not ideal ​for⁣ extremely heavy items
  • May not ‌be ⁣suitable for professional settings due to bright colors


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Q: Are the Abgream file⁣ folders durable?
A: Yes, the file folders are made from super thick polypropylene material, making them ⁣tear and ⁤water-resistant, durable, and non-toxic.

Q: How many file folders ⁤and ⁤pens are ‍included in⁤ the ⁤set?
A: The set includes 7 file folders in assorted colors (red,​ purple, orange,‍ blue, green, ‌yellow, black) ‌and 7 black gel ink pens.

Q: Can the⁣ file folders hold larger ‌paper⁤ sizes?
A: Yes,⁢ the file folders can even ‌hold B4 paper very well, with a larger capacity than normal ‌A4 ​paper.

Q: Are the‌ file folders suitable for various uses?
A: The file folders are ‍multifunctional and⁢ ideal for use in school, ⁤office, bank, meeting room, or ⁢at home. They can help you easily organize documents,‍ paperwork, craft projects,⁢ small toys, and more.

Q: How⁢ do ‍you secure the contents of the file ‌folders?
A:⁢ The file folders⁤ feature ‌a button closure design for conveniently‌ opening and​ securing contents, preventing file⁤ loss.

Q:‍ Is the set ⁢environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, the file folders are made from recyclable ‍material, making them environmentally friendly.

Q: What is the size of ⁢each file folder?
A: The ⁢file ‍folder size is approximately 14.37 x ⁣11.02 ‌x 3.5 inches, with enough space to hold about ‍1000 sheets of paper.

Experience ⁤Innovation

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As we wrap up our review of the Abgream File Folder & Pens Set,⁣ we must say we are truly ⁢impressed‍ by the quality, durability,⁤ and practicality of⁣ this product. The premium ​material, practical design, large ‍capacity, and⁤ multifunctional‍ use‍ make it‌ a must-have for anyone⁢ looking to ​effortlessly⁣ organize their documents and office ⁢supplies.

With the 7 pack file folders and 7 black gel ink ⁢pens included in this set, you’ll‌ have‍ everything you need to stay⁢ organized⁤ and productive in school, office,⁣ or at home.‌ The assorted colors add a touch of fun and style to your workspace, while the button closure ensures‌ that your important‍ documents stay ⁤safe and secure.

If you’re ⁣ready to take your organization game to the next level, we highly recommend ⁢checking ⁤out the Abgream File ⁣Folder & Pens Set. Click the link below to get ⁤your hands on this amazing‍ product:

Get your Abgream⁣ File Folder & Pens Set ⁣now!

Happy organizing!

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